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Alicia Patterson: Meet Me At The Wave

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HAVE A REDEFINED EXPERIENCE TO SOUND WITH SOUND THROUGH MUSIC AS THEY INTRODUCE MEET ME AT THE WAVE October, 2017- Sound Through Music, a company that is well known for excellence in the area of providing services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction proudly introduce the world to their new concept: Meet Me At The Wave. They would like to invite everyone to enjoy a memorable experience in sound.

“Our goal is to introduce principles of sound to children while they are still young. We believe introducing these elements at this time will help to encourage science awareness. We teach children the elements of sound by using music and song. They learn about sound waves, sound vibrations, amplitude and frequency. They learn the importance of sound and how it affects our everyday lives” said the founder of Sound Through Music.

They believe that anything can be taught and understood when spoken on their level. The students will not only have lots of fun but more importantly they will learn. At the wave is a play about the element of sound which enlightens about vibrations and how sound travels. It also teaches on how one can be self satisfied because most times, there is never anything that is wrong. Everyone is different and has their own uniqueness which is the best.

Meet Me At The Wave series features the characters of At The Wave in different situation while still teaching science. Music is Science and Science is Life the slogan for Meet Me At The Wave. For more detailed information about Meet Me At The Wave, please visit www.meetmeatthewave.com

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