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Andrada Anitei: Author and Blogger

Updated: May 7, 2018

Andrada Anitei: Author

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    Andrada Anitei is from Romania. Andrada skills in finance and technical support led her to a corporate career as a Reporting Analysis. Although she still maintains her corporate career, her aspirations of becoming a freelance writer is in full pursuit. Per Andrada, as a side hustle she writes, edits, and does web designing.

     Andrada went through a failed marriage, from which she has two amazing girls. As a single parent, it comes with hardships, it challenges her physically, and the psychological tiredness that inevitably ensues.

     She has found that her love for writing is more than a new career journey but writing is therapeutic. Her blog at www.takenofake.wordpress.com reveals her willingness to be transparent as a person, woman, and mother. In addition to her own writings, she features guest bloggers on her site using a written interview format.

     Andrada states that joining LinkedIn and participating was the best decision she has made. She has connected with amazing people from all over the world. Her network is a source of encouragement for her to move on and keep on dreaming and working for her dream.

     On LinkedIn, she has been a co-founder and administrator of the #Silentvoice hashtag (an initiative to share content from profiles that do not have a large following) and #VulneRevolution hashtag (a new series of interviews of people’s perception of and experience with vulnerability). Her belief is that integrity and kindness are the keys to being human; knowledge helps you grow.


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