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Andrea Hall: Equine Gestalt Coach

Andrea Hall: Certified Equine Gestalt Coach

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Andrea has worked as a high powered criminal defense attorney for over 13 years specializing in sex offenses and domestic violence. After discovering a brain tumor, Andrea decided it was time to get off the hamster wheel and leave the criminal justice system behind.

Andrea always loved and was attracted to horses. Andrea has done numerous years of personal coaching with Personal Success Institute prior to getting certified. She was able to combine her love for horses, her ability to coach and help others into a new career as a Certified Equine Gestalt Coach. Gestalt means “wholeness” and this is what Andrea and the herd bring to lawyers and couples. She became certified through Melisa Pearce’s Touched by A Horse program in May 2016.

She and her husband live in Eaton, Colorado on 47 acres where she runs Withers Whisper, LLC. She has 7 horses of her own and uses them in her EGC work. Andrea works with lawyers who either need to find balance in their life or discover what makes their heart sing again.

Andrea also works with couples who are wanting to take their relationship to another level. If divorce is the answer she and the horses help them heal the unfinished business. A quote from Dr. Phil she loves is “you have to earn your way out of the marriage” before you can become whole.

Andrea does FREE initial consolations.

Check out Andrea’s blog, interviews, workshops and retreats.

Andrea is the author of Sex and Justice. Andrea has 2 more books coming out this Summer where she is a contributing author, "Living Your JOY" Creating A Joy Filled Life by Joyce Graham. Her story is called “For the love of horses!” and “Touched by a Horse Equine Coaching Stories” Anthology.

Andrea M. Hall, EG Coach, Speaker, Author and Lawyer

Withers Whisper, LLC




“The whisper of the horse echoes the spirit of the soul®”

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