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Dr. Teralyn Sell: Licensed Therapist, Coach, Author & National Podcast Host

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Licensed Therapist, Coach, Author & National Podcast Host


For over 20 years, Dr. Teralyn Sell has been helping individuals and families overcome life’s obstacles – big and small – through her innovative and ever-evolving approach to overall brain health and emotional well-being. Through counseling, coaching and targeted neuro-nutrient therapy (Hey, the brain’s a physical organ too, after all!), she helps women tackle the all-too-common symptoms of trying to be everything to everybody (anxiety, depression, constant stress, feelings of inadequacy… sound familiar?) and transform those overwhelming feelings into self-assurance, satisfaction and near-fearlessness. In other words, releasing that confident and beautiful badass that lies within!

Beyond her fancy degrees and certifications in the areas of Psychology, Counseling and Neuro-nutrition, Dr. Teralyn brings her personal life experience into the coaching arena; helping you through the sh!t that scares you…naturally! She knows the crippling pressures of trying to balance marriage and children with career goals and the world outside, in general, all the while taking on a sense of personal responsibility for everyone’s health and happiness. But she also knows the freedom and joy that exist at the other end of that long, dark, suffocating tunnel, because she’s made that journey herself. And she can walk you toward the light at the end of that proverbial tunnel, as well.

Dr. Teralyn is NOT a believer in just throwing a prescription at the problem – which seems to be the blanket “solution” to stress, anxiety, ADHD and depression in our current society. She instead encourages a holistic approach to overall wellness, which results in lasting change, a healthier state of being, and a happier and more empowered you.

In addition to being a Licensed Therapist and a Coach, Dr. Teralyn is also a budding author, and co-host of the edgy and inspiring national podcast series, Unpause Your Life, which delivers real-life advice on real-world issues that women of all walks of life struggle with everyday.

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