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Rev. Bryant A. Johnson - Sales and Christianity

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Rev. Bryant A. Johnson was born and raised in Houston, TX. Growing up he found his pleasures in his surroundings but failed to lack the knowledge to fulfill his inner being. Being raised in the church, going to public school, and living in impoverished areas, he seemed to be pretty fluent in adapting to his surroundings.

Bryant finished school with a high school equivalent diploma by using his gifts and love for music and playing instruments. Afterwards, Bryant tried various jobs from fast food to telecommunications and everything in between including selling drugs. With an entrepreneurial spirit, he never felt comfortable being an employee.

As he got older and life’s events transpired Bryant ended up in Galveston, TX because he thought he found love and his future. He was blessed with a child but the relationship didn’t last. Bryant decided to stay in Galveston, TX and stopped running from his inner being and surrendered to his purpose.

In October, 2015 Bryant was ordained as a Pastor at A Cry for Salvation Outreach Ministries and earned his degree in Theological Studies at Brook Kerith University. This was the beginning of Rev. Bryant A. Johnson walking in high awareness and pursuing his passion and dream of transformative and spiritual development of small churches.

In 2017 Bryant met and began to build with Antonio T. Smith Jr. with whom he got his certification as a Certified Transformational Spiritual Coach from ATSJR Companies. Rev. Bryant A. Johnson is a Certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach with The Les Brown Institute. He also is the V.P. of Educational Enrollment at Brook Kerith University.

Rev. Bryant lives his life daily to impact the world with positivity, to teach and train others how to bridge the broken gap in Christianity, and to demonstrate how to use social media to connect community and church back together.

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